50+ Life Reality motivation Quotes

 We are posting some great Quest of Life Reality motivation Quotes  or life Reality Quotes on this blogs which you might like. Before this, let us get acquainted with the movement of life. Life is such a complex process in which happiness, sorrow, success and failure, love and pain are tied to the threads of all. Life is such a journey. Which is full of unbelievable moments and challenging tests. In this blog post, the reality of life, and its complex 'problems' are highlighted with some quotes.

The reality of life is contained only on a ladder of experience. All those reality existence contributes to the development of our life. From profound joy to times of immense sorrow and message, it adds depth to our understanding of what we experience. Embracing life's challenges allows us to appreciate the full range of things that shape our journey through life.

Life Reality motivation Quotes

☺️ Come let's pray to God!!  

😮 Ask for the payment of living life!! 

 😁 I have asked a lot for my sake!!  

👏 Let's ask for good for everyone today!!

👍The whole life is meaningless, 

☺️If you are not able to light the lamp of love within, 

☀️And you are not able to irrigate this world with love!

👏Life is a game, play it;  

😮Life is a challenge, 🙏complete it;  

Life is an opportunity, capture it.

❤️No matter what anyone says, 

😁keep yourself calm because no matter how strong the sun is, 

🫢it cannot dry up the ocean.

👍Life does not change in a few minutes, 

😮but a decision taken after thinking in a few minutes, 

❤️changes the whole life, 

🤝Therefore give importance to the decisions.

😀Although life gives many things to a person in his life,

😀but what is not achieved is often remembered only.

😁God gives a little less to a true person but gives 

full support to him, and a wrong person has 

everything but God does not support him.

🧐 The world asks about the condition of only 

those whose condition is good and those who are in trouble, 

😡 people forget to ask them too.

Life  motivation Quotes

😲 Don't be lonely even for a moment!!  

💯 May no sorrow be close to you!!  

😡 May God give so much happiness in your life!!  

😳 May no one be luckier than you

🔥It doesn't matter what people think about you.  

"What you think about yourself makes a big difference!"

💯 Many times a person does not understand someone's 

importance while he is alive, 

⭐ and after he is gone, he dies in his memory every moment.

😟 The real flight is yet to come, 

the test of the bird is yet to come, 

it has just been crossed 

☹️ The sea is still completely uneven.

🙄Life is a calculation that cannot be corrected by going back, 

So improve today and use old things as experience.

🤨Who will meet you in life, 

☹️ Time will decide, Whom you will meet in life, 

🤯 Your heart will decide, 

😯 But in whose heart you will remain in life, 

😠It will decide your behavior.

😠If you have to trust the most in the world, 

then trust yourself because others break your trust.


😥 If everyone tells you that you are wrong, 

then you are wrong.  Even if you think everyone is wrong, 

you are still wrong.  Because everyone can never be wrong.

🤢 Keeps hope from God, 

🌝 The one who is happy who keeps hope 

from everyone.  he remains sad

🤡Life is the same for everyone!  

The only difference is that someone is living 

from the heart and someone is living to keep the heart.

🧡 Regret cannot change the past 

and worry cannot improve the future, 

❤️ That's why enjoying the present is the true happiness of life.

👂If you want to be successful, 

👋 then it is necessary to work for success.

Whenever we have to pass through 

the streets of memories..

❤️Heart cries bitterly like a child..

👍If ever you feel afraid of something in life, 

then never let it dominate you, rather attack it and eliminate it.

😠 Life is very beautiful, 

⭐ Love life, If it is night then wait for morning, 

😠 This moment will also come which you are waiting for, 

🤨 Just trust that God and trust time.


😥Keep every dream in your breath, 

🤯Keep every destination in your arms, 

🤨Every victory is yours O friend,

 just keep your goal in your sight!!

😕As soon as time and need arise, 

everyone's faces become exposed, 

😲I don't know whether something comes

 in us sometimes or they start doing good acting.

🔥Self-control is the most important thing in life. 

If you control yourself, then you can control anything.'

😟When the sun first rises, it itself is weak and 

as the day progresses, 🧐gains strength and courage.

😮You have to walk the path of life alone, no family, 

no friends, 👏just you and your courage."

😄 Appreciation and time are also amazing.  

"Those whom you appreciate do not give time, 

and those whom you give time to, they do not appreciate."

😙Tomorrow we will neither be there nor 

will there be any grudge, there will only 

be a series of limited memories, 

🥳let's spend the moments laughing, 

who knows what will be the decision of life tomorrow.

😃A person can become whatever he wants if he concentrates, 

😍thinks about that thing and works hard continuously for it.

😄 The one who drowns empty handed knows the shore very well, 

still the ocean gives it by spreading its arms

😙You will have to walk the path of life alone, no family, 

no friends, just you and your courage."

😮‍💨Life lives where we dream, and reality takes us 

😳where our actions take us

💯 In the market of relationships, 

relationships are decorated in such a way 

that they are shown good from above, 

don't know what is mixed inside.

Keep every dream in your breath, 

every destination in your arms,

 every victory is yours friend, 

just keep your goal in your sight!!

😋 If a person's tongue improves, 

then it does not take much time to improve his 🤪 life.

😋It was written on a grave, 

"Friends, why should I blame anyone for my life?"

🥲 If you want to change your tomorrow, 

then you have to work hard despite the opposite 

🤐 'circumstances', 🤲 If you don't do this,

 circumstances will write your tomorrow."

There is only one mantra to be happy in life.. 

🥱 Expect only from yourself and not from anyone else.

😰 who rejected me for my time, 

 I will bring such a time that they 

will meet me with some time.

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